It pays to invite your friends to get hi!

The Friend Zone Is Where It’s At

The month of September saw superstar hi members put their social circle to work and invite even MORE friends to join the hi community. Thank you to you all! 

The super rewarding September Referrals Program gave participants who invited at least 1 friend a chance to win a Grand Prize of 1 whole ETH – over $3,000 USD at current prices. 

But the rewards didn’t stop there! With the New Friend Deposit Bonus, any hi member who invited a friend to join and that friend then bought at least 100 HI, also gets 10 extra hi Dollars for each friend! The hi Buyer Bonus meant that any participant who’s hi friend(s), direct referrals only, purchased a combined total of 100 HI or more during the Program Period got up to 5% back! 


The September Numbers Are In! 

Over 33,000 of you referred at least 1 friend to join hi in September. 

Over 100,000 new members joined hi this month via referrals. 

64 loyal members referred more than 100 people to join!  

Thank You To Our Community

To reward our passionate community, we are not only giving away 1ETH, but also a total of 5K hi Dollars to eligible participants.

We have entered all the names of eligible members with corresponding entry ballots into a random name generator picker…and the lucky winner is…

Congratulations Kris2610, you are the winner of 1ETH in the September Referral Program!

You will receive the prize in your hi wallet soon!

Review the full September Referral Program rules here.

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