Japanese Automakers Now Enter Metaverse

Two Japanese automakers, Toyota and Nissan, have unveiled their operations in the metaverse. Toyota workspace is used for holding staff meetings while Nissan is hosting car launches. 

Metaverse Comes with Limitless Possibilities

Toyota and Nissan, top Japanese automakers, are the latest to join metaverse following the reports that they have set up virtual showrooms. Toyota has set up a virtual workstation. This means that the two are joining other automakers, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen that are already using metaverse. 

Nikkei Asia reported that Nissan had set a reality version of its gallery in Tokyo, which can be used for launching vehicles and other events. On their website, Nissan indicated an augmented reality user interface that links directly to the metaverse. It has opened a door of “limitless possibilities for services and communications that will make driving more convenient, comfortable, and exciting,”

Toyota, the largest global automaker, has created virtual stations for part of its departments and subsidiaries. Employees take part in meetings and communications using avatars. The human resources and technical development teams are leading in using virtual workplace. Then, this will be expanded to other areas. 

A New Communication Option 

According to one of the Toyota representatives, restrictions that were instituted during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially movement-related limitations and extended lockdowns inspired the company’s effort to go for virtual operations. It signaled the entry of a new era in corporate operations.

“With more people working from home because of the pandemic, we are providing our staff with more options for communicating,” added the representative from Toyota Company.

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