Latest Crypto News Roundup: June 2022

The crypto community has recently had to cope with a strong bear market, which has accelerated over the last two months. From the collapse of the Terra ecosystem to the recent predicaments of the Celsius network, more people are worried as others count on huge losses. Even as these reports hit the headlines, there are other awesome reports about the crypto niche. Check out the following round-up: 

DecentWorld Unveils the Long-Awaited Collections

After a successful start, DecentWorld, a digital real estate metaverse platform, is now moving on to the next step – launching the long-awaited Collections. Using artistically crafted user journeys, members of the DecentWorld will be able to collect digital real-estate NFTs and use them as tools for generating yields. These collections are unprecedented features based on complexity of tokenomics and user experience. 

A Collection is a compilation of Street NFTs, which are united with a theme. The first drop will include Collections for the top 100 best cities on the globe. 

The Collections present a unique process that allows DecentWorld metaverse users the opportunity to enable their digital real estate to work and passively generate some yields. 

Metaverse Project GensoKishi Holds the Second NFT Auction

GensoKishi, a new fantasy world economy with blockchain technology that incorporates elements of NFTs and GameFi on the metaverse, has announced the 2nd commemorative NFT Auction from 15th--22nd June 2022. In the second auction, there will be a wide range of Cosplay Equipment NFTs, including the Legend-class NFTs, SuperRare-class, Rare-class and Normal-class items. 

During the first round, GensoKishi indicated that they had a number of bids, and they are looking forward to getting more attendees during the second round NFTs Auction. The company also indicated that the bidding would be in MV as opposed to USDT

Exit Festival Unveils New NFT Collections with Celebrities and Global Music Stars

Ahead of 2022’s much-awaited EXIT Festival, the two times winner of the Best Major European Festival Award is launching two new NFT collections between 20th and 21st June 2022. After selling the first HEADPHONE NFT collection in May, EXIT has stepped up its operations in the metaverse

Now, it is collaborating with Christina Carmela, a human rights activist, and MACEO Plex, a superstar DJ, to provide cutting-edge digital art and real-life experiences. EXIT’s NFTs also give access to the metaverse, where the festival experience is made accessible to more people to help connect both virtual and real-life communities. 

Inaugural ZENCON Was a Huge Success!

Following a strict time limit of 68 hours, the attendees of the ZENCON Technology Conference and Innovation Awards Hackathon produced awesome results. The jury, composed of Shahim Kamran, the Vice President of Blockchain Product Development & Innovation at Mastercard, among others, had wondered whether it would be able to announce winners. 

“We knew we arguably had some of the brightest minds in blockchain development on site here in Mexico. But then these hackers came storming out of the gates, and the results were nothing short of spectacular,” explained Dokter, co-founder of ZENIQ.

Following the Hackathon, here are the winners: 

  • Metaverse/Gaming Challenge: TeMe and Netverse, won USD10,000 each. 
  • NFT/Tokenization category: The price of USD20,000 will be distributed to N Farm project, which works on the certification of food of animal origin that facilitates normative export. 
  • Decentralised Finance (DeFi) & Defi 2.0 category: This category had a price of USD20,000 and was won by the True Commit Project. 

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