Mark Cuban and Elon Musk Discuss How Dogecoin can be Used to Solve Spam Issues

Mark Cuban, a Shark Tank star, has said he has a way of solving Twitter spam issues using memecoin, DOGE. Space X and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, agrees it is an excellent idea.

Musk Bullish about Mark Cuban’s Idea of Using Dogecoin

Elon Musk has been holding discussions on the best way to address the issue of spam bots on Twitter. The CEO of the largest electric car manufacturer globally, Tesla, said that he would address the problem or die trying. A week ago, Twitter agreed to sell the platform to Musk for a record USD 44 billion. 

One of the main suggestions on how to address the issue flew from Mark Cuban, a top star in the reality TV series Shark Tank. Cuban is also the owner of one of the top-performing NBA teams, the Dallas Mavericks

In one of the Tweets released by Cuban on Sunday morning, he suggested that every person on Twitter should put up one DOGE to get unlimited on Twitter. If any user identifies a post as a span and it is confirmed, he gets a DOGE. Spammers should also be required to post 100 times more coins. In the event that the content is proved not to be spam, the person who flagged it down losses his/her DOGE.

The Tweet had attracted 9,000 likes by 1st May 2022, with Billy Markus, Dogecoin creator, saying he liked the idea. 

Dogecoin Supporters Bullish on The Cuban Idea

Many Dogecoin supporters hold the view that the suggestion from Cuban is bullish for GOGE. However, there are others who are skeptical of its viability, with some raising questions about the idea of starting to pay for what is currently free. Others argued that the idea is like forcing people to use memecoin as collateral to stop spamming. 

Also, there are concerns that unscrupulous users might creep in and use the idea for profit. One of the replies to the Cuban Tweet indicated that the idea was not well-thought. “How do you deal with dishonest people flagging spam that is not … just to get spammer’s coin?” asked the concerned follower. 

Musk committed to improving Twitter, citing the spam bots as the most annoying challenge. Before his buyout was accepted, he vowed that he would defeat the spam bots. 

Cuban and Musk have both been DOGE fanatics, with the latter earning the tag “Dogefather.” In August 2022, the two indicated that Dogecoin was the best choice for regular payments. Mavericks also started accepting DOGE for merchandise and encouraged people to join the crypto world by purchasing DOGE. 

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