Metaverse Predicted to Become the Ultimate Place to Purchase, Trade and Store Cryptos

In one of the latest surveys, metaverse is predicted to become the most popular place to purchase, sell, and trade cryptos. During the study, 70% of respondents accepted that blockchain and cryptos advancements will be crucial in shaping the metaverse. 

Metaverse to Become the Most Preferred Point for Cryptos 

Agola, a NASDAQ-listed video, voice, and live interactive streaming platform, completed a survey on metaverse and released the results last week on Tuesday. 

The survey reached out to 300 US-based developers and put forth several questions aimed at gathering their thoughts on metaverse and its place in the coming years. The company indicated that it opted for developers because metaverse allows them to create new communities and connect with users. 

57% of the survey respondents held the view that metaverse will become the most popular place for purchasing, storing, and trading crypto assets. 25% felt it will be neutral, while 18% disagreed.

70% of respondents pointed out crypto advancements will shape the future of metaverse. 9% disagreed with the assertion.

On non-fungible tokens (NFTs), most developers are really bullish and hold the view that they are about to become the largest in the near term. The survey noted. 

When asked who they believe is going to own the metaverse, 55% of them indicated Meta, 9% were for Google, while 7% said Microsoft

Recently, Meta filed for eight trademark applications covering a wide range of crypto services and metaverse. 

Already analysts have started estimating the size of Metaverse. In March, Citi threw its prediction into the ring. It noted that metaverse could turn into a USD13 trillion opportunity and hit five billion users come 2030. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs were in agreement that metaverse might become a USD8 trillion opportunity.

In February, JPMorgan did not hesitate to get into metaverse. The investment bank opened a lounge in Decentraland. The bank indicated that Metaverse is likely to become a common staple in every sector, with yearly revenue surpassing USD1 trillion. 

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