Metaverse Will Be One Mammoth Opportunity: Qualcomm CEO Says

Qualcomm, one of the most revered brands in the mobile chip industry, has expressed optimism that the future of metaverse is very bright. Christiano Amon, the CEO of Qualcomm, is of the view that although there is so much development needed in the space, metaverse will usher in huge opportunities for those involved. 

Qualcomm CEO Expresses Optimism on the Future of Metaverse

The hardware firms are now starting to believe that metaverse is an important area to pursue. Qualcomm, one of the globally respected fabless chipmakers, is now extending its focus on metaverse, targeting the emerging opportunities in the near future. 

The CEO of Qualcomm, Christiano Amon, said that it is real and is going to offer major opportunities. “We started investing in fundamental technologies that allow the merger of both physical and digital spaces about a decade ago,” added Amon. 

A New Market in the Making 

For Amon, a new market is looking for wearables to help augment metaverse for those on the go. “We have different development projects to eventually be able to create a companion to your smartphone with fully immersive augmented reality glasses … that is a big opportunity …” added Amon. 

Today, Chips from Qualcomm help drive a number of devices that are employed in metaverse apps, such as the Questline of VR headsets made by Meta. Also, the upcoming new version of Hololens by Microsoft uses Qualcomm chips. Even with these advances, there are those who are still opposed to the application of augmented reality and wearables in the metaverse.  

Ken Kutago, who is seen as the father iteration of the Sony Playstation gaming console, thinks that combining wearables and metaverse is a misguided conception. For him, the metaverse is more of an application of augmented reality methods that allow users to experience the present world without using wearables. 

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