Mind Music Founder Series NFT Collection Now Available for Sale

Mind Music Founder Series NFT Collection Now Available for Sale

Mind Music is looking forward to addressing the problem of mental illness in a number of ways, including releasing new tracks. The company aims to take the music industry to the Web3 space. After becoming so popular and getting a lot of positive reviews from artists and influencers, Mind Music has unveiled its Founder Series NFT Collection. 

Mind Music Launches Different NFT Categories, Offers Support for Mental Health 

The Founder Series NFT Collection has a total of 1010 available NFTs, with 1000 for the public and the remaining 10 for giveaways. More than half of the collection has already been sold after the launch. In addition, the collection would feature 10 exclusive legendary NFTs that would be hidden among the 100 public NFTs. These would come with unique rewards to the holders.

The legendary NFTs would be a major collectible for music lovers and those contributing to addressing issues on mental health. 

Unique Reasons to Start Minting Mind Music NFT

So, are you still uncertain about minting Mind Music NFTs? Here are some of the reasons that will make you change and start minting them. 

  • Get a physical copy of Mind Record’s first album: Every holder of the token will receive a copy of the Mind Record’s first album. Also, a limited edition of Mark Hamilton’s record will be sent to the NFT holders. 
  • Earn passive income by simply holding the tokens: Every NFT holder will get a 1% reflection from Mind Music transactions. This will be an awesome source of steady income without getting directly involved. 
  • Free entry to all upcoming events: In all upcoming events and concerts, NFT holders will get free entries. Those who buy the Legendary NFT will get even more rewards, such as free drinks, food, access to all areas, and a chance to meet artists. 
  • You will be contributing to a noble cause: Because 10% of every NFT sale will be donated to Mental Health Charity. Therefore, buying Mind Music NFT means that you will be contributing to a cause that will help millions in need of mental health assistance. 
  • Other benefits include getting 20% of all Mind Record products and a share for every NFT traded. 

With the Staking Protocol in perspective, NFT investors stand a chance to make up to 75% APY. Staking is the best method of making passive income and is loved by token holders. You are required to connect your wallet and then deposit the tokens in a staking pool. 

Mind Music has achieved so much by now and is aiming for further expansion. Its token is already listed on CoinTiger and XT.com. Next, it is targeting to start trading on Fantom, Avalanche, and Polygon, among other blockchains.

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