Mobile Crypto Wallets

Crypto wallets are essential tools for any trader or investor. These wallets help store and trade crypto – buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Traders need to choose a good crypto wallet to store their digital assets securely. There are crypto wallets supported across different platforms and devices. Mobile wallets are quite convenient as users can access and manage their funds from any place, at any time.

Are you looking for a crypto wallet? Let’s take a closer look and learn more about the different types of cryptocurrency wallets and how they work.

Top Mobile Crypto Wallets

1. hi Wallet wallet, known as the hi Wallet, is a crypto wallet service with an already launched native currency, Hi dollar, and a very generous reward system to attract new clients. The wallet platform offers convenient and reliable services, accessible across mobile, PC, and web apps. 

To access, first download the Android or iOS app from the web app, via WhatsApp, or the official Telegram channel. Hi Wallet’s objective is to facilitate access to financial microsystems by more people at minimal or no cost. is one of the best coins as it offers various services like buying and selling cryptocurrencies through its built-in exchange. Supported digital currencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Hi dollars, Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), USD coin (USDC), and Dai. As a Hi wallet user, you get to send and receive crypto instantly across the globe at no extra cost. 

Traders on Hi Wallet earn rewards daily when they open the app from their mobile devices and answer questions. The Hi dollars you are rewarded as tokens are locked for one year. So, users will claim them after the locking period elapses. Hi Wallet also offers 24/7 live and responsive customer support.

Features of Hi Wallet

1. Crypto and Fiat Accounts

Besides being the most appropriate, easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet on mobile devices, Hi offers exhaustive fiat services across different countries. Hi wallet user accounts will be used as bank accounts with their IBAN enabling one to deposit and withdraw cash. Users then have the choice to convert deposited Fiat Currencies into stable coins as this way users get higher yield.

2. Currency Conversion

This upcoming feature will enable users to convert digital and fiat currencies at a mid-market rate. The mid-market rate is a middle point between the sell and buying value of any two currencies; hence it offers fair value to users.

3. Send and Save Currency

Members get to send and receive both fiat and cryptocurrency quickly to friends and family with minimal fees, ensuring user convenience.

Users can also hold various currencies, both crypto, and fiat, in their Hi wallet, earning interest paid out daily. No minimum balance or fee is needed to use this service. To earn interest on your crypto, you should stake some amount of crypto.  

4. Earn Crypto

Hi wallet offers users an opportunity to earn daily when they sign up in the app on their phones. Daily rewards will be issued to users who interact with the app.  

2. Coinomi

Coinomi is a top cryptocurrency wallet supported on desktop and mobile devices. It is recognized as one of the best mobile crypto wallets, given its state-of-the-art features like integration with third-party exchanges.

Coinomi is free to operate and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. The wallet has an inbuilt exchange, which is one of the most secure in the crypto industry. Users can receive and send cryptocurrency assets through its flexible desktop and mobile interface. It is trusted by users and has a good reputation in the crypto world. 

Founded in 2014, Coinomi was designed by blockchain experts, headed by George Kimioni, the platform’s CEO. The group had a shared vision of creating secure tools for blockchain applications. 

Coinomi is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Coinomi is quite exceptional and popular among crypto users as it boasts a positive rating on various platforms. It has constantly evolved to incorporate new features created to provide a flawless user experience.

Coinomi now supports more than 1770 cryptocurrency assets that users can receive and send in their wallets.

Features of Coinomi

1. Built-in exchange

Coinomi incorporates built-in cryptocurrency exchange platforms which users can deploy to trade all supported assets at their convenience. 

Coinomi mobile crypto wallet supports Changelly and Shapeshift crypto exchanges where users can trade their crypto assets without difficulty. Users have multiple options for topping up their Coinomi wallets with crypto assets of their choice, including through Simplex.

Simplex has partnered with Coinami to offer cryptocurrency buying support using credit cards. Coinomi also operates with Binance DEX.

2. Multi-language interface

Coinomi’s user interface (UI) is available in over 20 languages across the globe. A few of the languages supported include English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Russian. This way, it is more convenient for the global community of Coinomi cryptocurrency wallet users as they can manage their funds in their native language.

3. Security

Coinomi is very secure as it uses superior security features to stop users’ wallet intrusion. Users set their personalized passwords for essential transactions like withdrawals to prevent intrusion. 

Users’ data is securely encrypted, ensuring funds in the wallet are safe. It was designed with a seed phrase which is an added security layer. The seed phrase establishes that no unauthorized user can access funds in one’s wallet. It isn’t easy to monitor a user’s transaction, as, after each transaction, the wallet creates a new wallet address.

4. Free

It is free to use Coinomi for all outgoing and incoming transactions. One may be required to pay mining fees for outgoing deals. Mining fees fluctuate depending on the market. When markets get busy processing outgoing transactions, mining fees will slightly increase. However, these fees are generally minimal. 

Coinomi App
Coinomi App

3. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet app offered by Binance. The software wallet supports over 40 blockchains, meaning you can use it to store even the rarest altcoins. 

The Trust Wallet app is decentralized, meaning no personal data is collected from wallet users. This wallet stores public and private keys locally to ensure maximum security and protection for your funds. 

Members can use Trust Wallets to earn interest from their cryptocurrencies and play blockchain games. Trust Wallet is easy to use, fast, secure, and one of the best in keeping crypto assets.

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Trust Wallet App

4. Exodus

Exodus Mobile wallet is designed to run on Android and iOS devices. It supports multiple cryptos like Waves, Cosmos, Cardano, Ether, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. The mobile application version enables users to buy BTC using USD.

The user can exchange assets in the wallet with other supported assets. The Exodus wallet is free to use, but it charges a small fee for dealings made through its exchange. Exodus is a hot wallet, meaning the member’s digital assets are stored online. Members have access to their assets using their private keys; hence the wallet is non-custodial.

Features of Exodus

1. Security

The user can buy and sell an asset directly to other traders in the Exodus wallet, unlike centralized exchanges. By not giving control of their private keys to centralized wallets and exchanges, users limit the risks of getting hacked and losing their funds. At Exodus, your private keys and transaction data are encrypted such that no other person but the user can access their crypto.

2. Buy and sell crypto

It is easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Exodus wallet, which has an inbuilt exchange; hence, users quickly buy and sell their desired crypto or fiat.

3. Receive and Send Cryptocurrency

Send and receive cryptocurrency through Exodus Wallet quickly by scanning QR codes of wallet addresses or by the touch of a button using text addresses.

Exodus App
Exodus App

5. Coinbase

Coinbase mobile wallet can be accessed by downloading it as an app on Android and iOS. It is fully incorporated with its company exchange, enabling it to conduct transactions with traditional currency quickly. The integration between Coinbase exchange and Coinbase wallet ensures that users transfer funds back and forth. 

Members can receive and send cryptocurrencies to any place worldwide. To prevent losing access to their wallet, users can back up their private keys to the cloud when they have lost their device. It is designed to enable users to see the present prices of the assets in their wallets in the user’s local currency.

Coinbase App
Coinabase App

Best Crypto Wallet Summary

To identify the best bitcoin wallet, the user is subjective depending on the means and needs of the users. The user wants to be satisfied with the services given to them or the effectiveness of the products they get to use or buy. 

The reward they get on investment, security of their crypto, reliability of the crypto wallet, ease of use, the convenience of a particular crypto wallet, and the need that the user wants to fulfill drives many users to choose a specific crypto wallet over any other. 

Getting all this in one crypto wallet is exciting for beginners or other continuing wallet users. Be assured of getting value for your continued use of a specific cryptocurrency wallet. hi wallet is such a mobile crypto wallet that satisfies all these needs. The hi Wallet offers users the opportunity to be rewarded by answering simple questions asked daily via WhatsApp and Telegram platforms. Users then get to redeem their reward after the 12-month locking period elapses. 

On the hi Wallet, users can send and receive money quickly and instantaneously to and from anywhere globally. They also get to earn high yields when they stake their cryptocurrency. Also, hi will not charge any fee when a user wants to make payments to any place worldwide. 

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