Music Fanatics Rejoicing as YellowHeart Protocol Comes to Bittrex

YellowHeart Protocol, one of the new NFT platforms that are expected to disrupt the traditional ticketing and music industries, is launching HRTs, a utility token, on the Bittrex Globa’s IEO Platform Starting Block at 13:00 on 24th May 2022

YellowHeart Protocol, a Milestone in the Event Ticketing History

In history, Ancient Rome was the first to use event tickets, which were issued on a piece of clay. Later on, in the 18th century, concert goers in London started getting pre-paid checks to have their seats reserved. Paper tickets found their place in the 19th century, and newer designs unfolded in the subsequent 200 years. 

Now, the next event ticketing system is being propelled by blockchain-based firms, and YellowHeart is one of the most notable today. 

On the YellowHeart Protocol platform, clients get tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are enhanced with additional capabilities using HRTS utility tokens. Unlike the traditional tickets, NFTs tickets also offer video, music, and more engaging experiences. Artists are able to communicate directly with their fans. 

NFTs also offer music NFTs, community tokens, and collectible NFTs. The long-term mission is to pool together a larger ecosystem of artists, sports teams, fans, venue brands, event promoters, and other parties the chance to participate in pushing the disruption to the next level. 

This type of revolution goes beyond the simple step of shifting from paper tickets to scannable barcodes. The ability to issue unique tickets that are anti-counterfeits, anti-fraud, and traceable is bringing the game to a whole new level of personalization and security. 

Delivering Unique and Lasting Memory 

The main issue with paper-based tickets is that they cannot be stored for long. Even if you go for digital tokens, the challenges of servers going down still looms. However, the NFT ticket will stay on the decentralized blockchain indefinitely. Because they are decentralized, digital, and unique, NFT tickets are everlasting. So, it is time to bid farewell to the traditional album and folders in your drive and embrace the new method of keeping lasting memories. 

The tech capability of the NFT ticketing platform provides greater value by enabling after-event engagement. This makes it an excellent choice for artists to stay engaged with fans for the next events and promotions. 

Can you imagine the news of the next event, perhaps the one you missed via social media, coming through an airdrop? After a channel has been created, there are many after-event engagement possibilities through blockchain technology. 

Precious Tickets that Rise in Value Offer More Benefits

Apart from the invaluable personal memories, vintage tickets might be worth a lot of money today because they withstood the passage of time. However, NFTs are different because they cannot be torn or lost. 

It will also be possible to trade NFTs on various platforms, and owners might enjoy a huge rise in value during future sales. All of the above demonstrates why the YellowHeart Protocol is promising to be a reliable force in the Web3 and NFTs, giving a reason for music fans and all users to rejoice. 

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