Myspace Founder Predicts Blockchain Gaming to Become Most Dominant for Socializing

Although many games have become critical of gaming based on the blockchain, Chris Dewolfe, Myspace’s founder and former CEO, strongly believes that it is an excellent business model because it provides players with greater control over their experience. 

DeWolfe, who is currently serving as the CEO of a game development company known as Jam City, said that the quality of the game and the way players engage with others to determine the expectation might change the perception of the doubters. 

Furthermore, DeWolfe compared Web3 gaming to the pioneer days of Web2. During this time, many analysts were skeptical about the effectiveness of Web2 use in advertising and business models. 

“They also weren’t sure about the quality of user-generated content and if it would be interesting … MySpace is really a perfect example of just how powerful user-generated content would become.” 

Also, DeWolfe pointed out that skepticism will fade as the games become more fun and interesting. He insisted that it is still pretty early and the results are encouraging based on what people are seeing. If the games continue being interesting, people will go for them. 

In January 2021, Jam City released the blockchain division and a game, Championship: Ascension, which targets community engagement. Indeed, it even inserts one of the active members into the lore. 

Another thing that DeWolfe emphasized is that blockchain-based entertainment is likely to dominate commerce and socialization in the coming years. People will not come just to get entertained but also do business.

Meanwhile, Sega, a Japanese game manufacturer, is working hard to include non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its project, Super Game, which targets linking multiple games. According to Masayoshi Kikushi, NFTs are a natural extension of the gaming future. 

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