Unveiling Discover and Collections: The New Method of Finding Non-Fungible Tokens Recommendations

NFT Terminal, a leading Web3 ecosystem provider, has released updates to its beta platform. Together with the platform’s new homepage, NFT Terminal version 1.1 is bringing onboard new features, including Discover and Collections, which will be providing recommendations and NFT collection rarity details, respectively. Version 1.1 is ushering in new features, which include the Search Bar and the ability to switch between the light and dark user interfaces. 

Discover, Collections, and Other Features on Version 1.1 of NFT Terminal

According to the NFT Terminal team, the aim of the new features is to make the platform an all-in-one place for the traders and creators of NFTs. 

Immediately after releasing NFT Terminal version 1.0, which came with real-time data feeds, the team started working on the next phase of the platform. According to the team representative, their clients are looking for data that is personalized and relevant. NFT Terminal considers data that has not been put into context useless, and so it is working on developing a better way of presenting it based on user interaction. 

The main feature of the new update is Discover, which gives recommendations that are relevant based on the most seasoned traders and the latest Non-Fungible Token buyers. It will also feature on-chain data, like the trending collections, which will be organized on 24-hour and 7-day volumes. Another awesome feature is the countdown for future releases arranged in chronological order. 

The other major feature, Collections, comes with pages that allow visitors to rapidly gather information, including floor price and average price. Users will also be able to filter the collections based on their rarity and price. According to the NFT Terminal team, the platform will be able to automatically add new collections because the info is extracted directly from the blockchain

Other updates coming with version 1.1 include a search bar, which users can use to identify NFTs by simply entering the smart contract address of a collection. In the coming weeks and months, NFT Terminal has indicated it will release Studio for collectors and other tools for a more personalized experience. 

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