not-for-profit services to make grow your savings, and spending power, not harm it

Not-for-Profit Financial Services

Bringing the Concept of the Community Banking into the Digital Age

In the current financial system, the people with less money pay more for financial services. Hard-earned income is eroded by fees — from remittances and wire costs to overdraft and ATM charges — while payday loans and finance charges are extortionate. 

Banks make money off of you, not for you.


In the current system, the people with less money pay more for financial services. Photo Credit: Unsplash

A different solution comes from the early days of the financial system. Just as many insurance companies started as mutual aid associations, employees of cities (eg. teachers) or of a large employers created member-owned banks to provide loans and deposit services to members. These had many names from building societies, co-operative banks, to credit unions.

These are not-for-profit financial entities that aim to serve their members rather than seeking to maximize profits like a bank does. As a result they offer better savings rates, lower loan rates and reduced fees for their members.


A different approach to the for-profit approach

A new world

At hi, we offer not-for-profit digital banking leveraging the development of the Internet, mobile data services and payment systems which have opened up the possibility of economic empowerment by enabling more people to access the financial ecosystem.

All hi’s products and services are provided to our members on a no fee and no markup basis. This enables a mechanism where our members derive both functional and economic benefits from the growth of the hi ecosystem.

So join the revolution! We are taking the idea of the credit union into the digital age and building the world’s largest technology cooperative.

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