Otherdeed Makes USD 1.7 Billion in NFT Sales

With the assistance of the Bored Apple Yacht Club’s Otherside land sale, the Non-Fungible Token Sales shot up with a huge margin, 74.77%, in the course of last week. 

7-Day NFT Sales Hit the Roof, Jump 74% to Reach USD 1.71 Billion 

NFTs performed awesomely last week with about 1,075,588 transactions pushing the sales volume to USD 1.71 billion. This is 74.77% higher than the volume reported the previous week. This volume was recorded from 16 blockchains networks. 

Sales on Polygon blockchain jumped the highest, reaching 87.66%, while Ethereum came a close second with an 86.30% jump from the last week of April. Also notable were NFT sales on Fantom blockchain, which shot up by 52.47%. The most expensive NFTs for the week had price tags of between USD 852.5 and USD 1.12 million.  

Etherdeed NFTs Took the Lead in the Week Based on Sales Volume 

Bored Ape 17 was the leading NFT collectible, and it was sold for USD 1.12 million (410 Ether). Next was the Bored Ape 2980, which went for slightly over USD 1 million (381 Ether). The subsequent three were all from Otherdeed. They included Otherdeed333 which went for USD 979,000 (333.33 Ether), Otherdeed 24 for USD 952,000 (333 Ether), and Otherdeed 9 for USD 852,000 (300 Ether).  

Otherdeed NFT collection sales hit the top position in the week on sales volume. About 16,384 NFT buyers spent USD 787.55 million in 30,752 transactions. The second position was taken by BAYC, which hit USD 153.7 million for the week. This was a huge jump by 94.93% from the amount reported the previous week. 

Then, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MYC) reported a 39.4% growth compared to the previous week, as Benz NFT collection claimed the fourth spot with a 388.31%. Doodles claimed the fifth position, which saw an equally significant shot by 222.34% to USD 43.1 million.

All the five leading NFT collection floor values dropped 8-16% compared to the previous week, except Doodles, which jumped 3.1% higher to 22.77 Ether. 

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