hi Super Liga – Do zdobycia 1,5 mln HI wypłaconych w ETH & HI

Join the hi Super League this weekend
and share a prize pool of 1.5 million HI, paid out in ETH & HI

To celebrate the new features in the hi App, as well as the imminent launch of the hi Debit Card, we invite you to participate in the inaugural weekend of the hi Super League, with 1.5 Million HI in crypto rewards for 5,000+ winners in just 48 hours.

Go to the Super League GameCard to see the tasks and don’t forget to bookmark it in your Browser. The clock will start ticking at 00.01 GMT Saturday 27th August.


Your Participation Helps Up Prepare For a Global Launch

In just a few weeks, we will share a major announcement with the world, bringing many new members to the hi community.

By participating in the Super League you help us stress-test the new features in the App ahead of this announcement, while reactivating existing members of the hi community.

Taking part is easy:

(1) Open the App and score points by completing simple tasks across Saturday and Sunday

(2) Multiply your score by getting your friends to complete tasks

(3) Win big prizes based on your overall points score

5,000+ members will receive a share of 1.5 million HI and ETH, paid in half to Flexible and half to Rewards.


Help us get the word out there and let’s make this a Super Duper Weekend!

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