Referral Spend Rewards

Cashback on Cashback!

Introducing Referral Spend Rewards

No sooner was the hi Card launched, than some of you asked us about initiatives we could introduce to give you even more reasons to recommend hi to your friends. 

So here we are. And this one – as far as we know – you can’t get elsewhere. 


How does it work?

Well, it’s really simple…

Every time your friend makes a purchase using the hi Debit Card, you’ll earn cashback on their cashback!

You’ll get 10% of the Spend Rewards earned by your direct referrals, and 1% on your Level 2 Referrals. Of course, this is on top of whatever your friends earn, not as a deduction of their rewards. 

Referral Level You Get (% of their Cashback)
Level 2

Referral Spend Rewards are always paid in HI and will be credited instantaneously to your Flexible account. Basic members and above from any market are eligible to earn Referral Spend Rewards.

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