Sarah Bauman Says NFTs Let Her Leave Her Job

The founder of the Women with Weapons franchise explains how she managed to make it and what to expect next. She is among the speakers at the CoinDesk Consensus Festival.

When attending to a patient in the hospital, Sarah Bauman, an occupational therapist in Texas, said that her watch started ringing when attending to a patient. She went downstairs to answer the call and ask her husband what had happened but … started crying. 

All the three pieces of her art had been bought. Bauman, her husband, explained to her that the other of her genesis non-fungible token (NFT) collection and ten paintings of women with guns from flamethrowers to grenades were grabbed by frenzied clients in only 45 seconds. 

First Collection of Sarah Bauman Token Sold in 15 Seconds

Immediately, she asked whether she could quit her job – she cared so much about her patients and colleagues. However, her passion was building, and she had always wanted to do artwork on a full-time basis. Again, she appreciated that the current momentum was the perfect opportunity for her to capitalize on. 

She started working on the next collection of NFTs, which she indicates will be more “purpose-built for space?”

Before Women and Weapons, you had also painted a smaller genesis collection. That was before getting into NFTs. So, how did you try selling them?

I tried it on my own website, on Shopify, on Instagram, and on Facebook. I would post in the morning and later in the evening after getting home. That’s all I did. My husband, after realizing the collections’ potential, recommended that I mint artwork on NFTs. I took a lot of time to understand the space because I did not have ample time to research.

I saw the tweet on you getting the big break from Gary Vaynerchuck. Tell us about that. 

On Saturdays, he always posted that he was looking for new artists with unique collections. In my situation, he indicated that he was searching for a one-of-one artist with unsold pieces to collect. I replied in the comment section, “I would really love for you to be my first collector.” I also attached some of my images. 

So, he helped you start your career in non-fungible tokens? 

I must say, he did not just help me out of it but is also assisting other ladies too. Indeed, it is not just artists but also female business people. I will mention one. He is working with Avery Akkineni, the president of VaynerNFT. Akkineni is very supportive of women, helping them get into Web3 and educating them to ensure they understand their roles and opportunities for high-visibility roles. 

Do you have a favorite weapon to depict in the collection?

It is not necessarily like the Persian daggers, but I must say that Gold daggers were pretty close than I could get. I am Iranian, and therefore, I fancy things that are gold. That is why the gold weapons are my favorite. But the golden daggers are the absolute favorite. 

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