Say hi to the Metaverse

What is the Metaverse? Will it replace the Internet? Do you need 3D glasses to go there?

When thinking about new realities, what really excites us about the metaverse is that it isn’t defined by a fixed set of attributes. The metaverse, in its current state, is open to interpretation, to be shaped and defined by those who create it. We view the metaverse as connected virtual spaces for creation and exploration, with tangible connections to our real lives and bodies.

If you’ve played Second Life, Roblox or Minecraft, you’ll know what alternate, and 3D universes feel like. In our view, what sets the Metaverse apart from these spaces is its increased level of interoperability with the real world. We must anticipate virtual experiences that are closer to our physical, human reality – not least because of the advancement in graphic technologies and internet connectivity.  

Our goal is to create a global community of 1 billion people. Already, 2 million hi members from over 180 countries are a part of the hi ecosystem. It excites us to envision our members connecting with each other in alternate, 3D, virtual spaces.


We are at the beginning of our journey into the Metaverse. From Genesis, we envision 3 fluid phases: Web3 beta, Mixed Realities, Polymorphic Universe. Pretentious as it may sound, in envisioning the hi Metaverse we really like the term polymorphic because it refers to ‘assuming different forms’.

In our exploration of the hi Metaverse, we envision the following design traits:

– Polymorphic, connected virtual environments
– Experiences that integrate and overlap with real-world infrastructure
– Peer-to-peer interactions that imitate or improve real-world human interactions
– Tangible connections with outside economic and payment systems
– Support for members creating their own virtual environments and experiences

– Prioritisation of creativity, innovation and play – over pragmatism

We will soon announce hi PLAY, which you should consider the genesis of the hi Metaverse. hi PLAY will initially launch as a series of play-to-earn Blockchain games, where hi members can meet and play with hi Dollars. You’ll notice we have intentionally chosen a 2D, analogous design system for hi PLAY, over time this will evolve through states of mixed realities and eventually into a polymorphic metaverse.


We’ll announce more about hi PLAY very soon.

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