September Referrals: Win 1 ETH

Welcome to the Friend-Zone!

Put your Social Circle to work this month by introducing your friends to hi.

For every new friend you invite to hi by the end of September, you’ll get a ballot entry into a draw to win 1 ETH. The more friends you invite the better.

Step 1 – Send your unique referral link to a friend (or several friends!)
Step 2 – Ask them to sign up for hi using your link

And that’s it you are in the draw to WIN 1 ETH! 

But the September madness, doesn’t end there. Here’s how you can get extra rewards…

More ways to earn Rewards this September


There are 4 ways you can Earn Rewards this September, just by inviting friends using your unique referral link.

  • Grand Prize: Enter draw to WIN 1 ETH for inviting a new friend (direct)
  • New Friend Deposit Bonus: Get 10 extra HI for new friends (direct) that buy 100 HI
  • HI-Buyer Bonus: Get up to 5% HI of the combined HI purchased of your friends (direct)
… All this on top of the regular Signup Rewards Bonus!

Review the full September Referral Program rules here.

Now, let’s imagine this scenario

  • You successfully refer 4 friends to hi in September
  • One of those new friends buys 500 hi Dollars
  • Additionally, 3 of your friends (direct referrals) purchase a combined total of 2,500 HI 
    … all this by the September 30th deadline.

As part of the Referral Program you’ll get…

  • 4 x ballot entries into the 1 ETH prize draw
  • 2 HI SIGNUP bonus (0.5 x 4)
  • 50 HI HI-BUYER bonus (2% of 2,500 = 50)

= 62 hi Dollars and 4 x chances to win 1 ETH! 

….and on top of all this, you’ll also get 50% of the downstream rewards your friends get.


The HI-Buyer Bonus Explained

Combined Purchase Amount of Direct Referrals (HI)

   Referral Bonus (HI)

0 – 100 HI

Not eligible

101 – 999 HI

1 %

1,000 – 99,000 HI


+100,000 HI


Watch this video to learn more about inviting friends

How to invite friends to hi

All you’ll need is your unique referral link. Though most people find it’s also helpful to send a message to explain a little bit about what hi is, and why your friends should sign up.

So if your hi nickname is ‘sam’, your unique referral link is


Not sure what your hi nickname is?

Just go to and log in using your phone number.

Step 1
Select the ‘Invite Friends’ button, and on the next screen you’ll see your unique invite link.

Step 2
Select ‘Copy Invite Message’ and you’ll have a message saved to your Clipboard that you can paste in a message to your friends.

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