Solana Pay Now Unveils Customized Transaction Requests for Traders

Solana Pay has said it will start facilitating transaction requirements between users and merchants using a new feature that was activated on the platform this week, a report from Solana developers indicated.

New Feature on Solana Pay Opens Gateway for Customized Transactions 

The developers indicated the new feature would allow merchants to give customized transaction links to their clients, such as virtual gifts or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The process will involve the merchant receiving the address of the respective client’s wallet so that he/she can respond with a customized transaction for the customer. This implies that a Solana transaction will be able to support interactive requests between mobile wallets and checkout applications. 

Using the request, brands and merchants can provide dynamic experiences and send invitations, gifts, and tokens to clients. These could range from customized discounts to special NFTs and tokenized loyalty programs

When a request is put forward, the merchant can opt to decline it. This means that traders will be able to only allow the payments that are permissioned, such as where authentication is needed. Previously only one-way transfer was possible, such as those involving USD coins (USDC), Solana and other supported tokens. 

The new feature is supported by the Phantom and Solflare Solana wallets. This news excited the market, resulting in a 9% jump for SOL, the native coin on the Solana blockchain. Indeed, the coin outperformed even the top coins on the market, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (Ether), which rose by an average of 5%.

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