SolidProof Prepared to Launch Auto-Audit Tool for Users

After unveiling the SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT), the Audit company is now ready to take the product global. The firm understands the huge success of decentralized finance (DeFi), but insists that users should not ignore the threats related to stability and security. 

The development team targets to release updates towards the end of April so that users can start using the innovative tool. 

New and Innovative Feature on SolidProof 

To help users easily detect mistakes, faults, and inefficiencies in their DeFi smart contracts, SAAT works with pre-installed parameters. With the experts at SolidProof, it is possible to get timely and transparent audit reports.

The automated audits have made it possible to quickly evaluate smart contracts, making it draw a lot of interest from the market. Immediately after the automated audits, the auditors deliver a report to the development team, highlighting vulnerabilities, which can be classified as low, medium, or critical. 

Auditors will also provide suggestions for addressing issues or inefficiencies noted in the system. They work with respective project backers and finally create an audit report and certificate proving the safety of the project. 

SAAT is expected to play a major role in supporting top DeFi projects’ security to build trust with customers. 

Other SolidProof News 

To appreciate the success of SolidProof, one should take a peep at the tracker feature that was introduced in November 2021. This feature indicates over 500 projects have been handled by the group. They have a huge experience surpassing 1,000 crypto-related projects. 

Some of the teams that have trusted SolidProof in the blockchain niche include Arker, Kryxivia, and Cult Dao. Again, the marketing business is expanding pretty fast, and the team is now awarding gold status accreditation to projects as part of best practices on its website and Twitter.

SolidProof is now expanding its business to the Asian market. The team is taking a number of tools to Asia to help people overcome language obstacles and improve the level of verification and documents that provide know your customer (KYC) services.

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