South African University Plans to Issue Blockchain-based Certificates to Graduates

A South African University has unveiled its intent to start issuing blockchain-based certificates to graduating students later this year. The administration of the institution indicated that the certification system on blockchain would be crucial in preventing fraud and end fake documents production. 

Each Certificate to Feature Unique QR Code

The University of Johannesburg has indicated it will start issuing blockchain-based certificates to graduates starting this year. According to the Mybroadband report released by the university, the certificates will come with QR codes that will be used for verifying authenticity. 

The report further indicated that the blockchain-based certification is part of the university’s effort to address the problem of fraud and counterfeiting of its certificates.

According to Tinus van Zyl, the university director of central academic administration, a blockchain-based system is a major improvement from the current digital certification system that has been in use for some time. Under the digital system, graduates are able to access their certificates or even share them with the prospective system.

Using Third-Parties to Verify Certificates

With a blockchain-based system, employers and third parties make it easy to verify the certificate. The public can now validate the qualifications awarded to the University of Johannesburg graduates without calling the institution or seeking the services of an agency. All that they need to do is scan a QR code at no cost. 

In other news, the University of Johannesburg’s employee, Kinta Burger, suggested that the use of the blockchain-based certificate system will come in handy in safeguarding the university’s reputation. 

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