Standard Chartered Bank Now Joins Metaverse

Standard Chartered Bank is the latest to join the world of the metaverse. The bank has announced that it acquired Virtual Land at the Sandbox metaverse’s Mega City District, which is a unique type of cultural hub that is inspired by talents in Hong Kong. 

Standard Chartered Banks Now Jumps into the Metaverse 

On Tuesday, Standard Chartered Bank released a statement indicating that its subsidiary in Hong Kong, SCBHK, has entered into a partnership with The Sandbox, one of the crypto’s popular blockchains for virtual gaming. The aim of the partnership is to provide a metaverse experience to the bank’s clients. 

Standard Chartered is the leading financial organization with 85,000 staff serving clients in about 150 different markets across the globe. Over the world, Standard Chartered Bank has 776 branches.  

In the announcement, the bank posited that it is the first bank to get virtual land at Sandbox metaverse’s Mega City District. The initiative is being spearheaded by the bank’s innovation, fintech investment, and ventures arm. 

Here are additional details of the statement from the bank: 

SCBHK will actively engage its clients, partners, staff, and the tech community to explore co-creation opportunities in this new and existing space.

Alex Manson, the head of Standard Chartered SC Ventures, commented that the bank is looking forward to experimenting and creating new experiences for clients. Furthermore, it will bring the art communities and local sports into the metaverse. 

Other Banks that Have Already Joined the Metaverse

Standard Chartered is not the only financial organization to join metaverse. Others, such as Fidelity Investments, HSBC, and JPMorgan have already entered the rapidly growing space. HSBC, like the Standard Chartered Bank joined hands with The Sandbox whole Fidelity, and JPMorgan opted for Decentraland

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