Stripe Taps Polygon to Start Allowing Customers to Make Payments in USDC

Twitter expected to become the first organization to test the feature by paying earnings through digital assets to content creators who monetize products on the platform. 

Payment processor, Stripe, has indicated it will start using the Ethereum scaling platform, Polygon, to allow Stripe’s clients to make payments to freelancers, sellers, service providers, and content creators using cryptocurrencies. 

Twitter to Pioneer the New Feature to Pay Content Creators 

Back in October 2021, Stripe indicated it was entering the crypto market, an announcement that ended four years of its break with digital assets. 

Initial payouts will be done with USDC stablecoins that are native to Polygon’s network via polygon-compatible wallets, according to a statement released on Friday. 

Twitter is expected to become the first organization to try the feature by supporting earnings released to content creators in digital assets. Users of Twitter’s monetization products, such as Super Follows and Tickered Spaces, will be the first before the company rolls out the service to other areas. 

In other news, FXT, a crypto exchange, indicated that it is also using Stripe to create onboarding and verification features. The exchange allows consumers to buy, sell, and trade crypto assets, such as Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and dozens more. 

FXT is using Stripe identity to help new users prove who they indicate they are. The feature is helping users to improve the speed of identity verification to near real-time. FXT US President, Brett Harrison, indicated that they have partnered with Stripe to bring automated ID verification to the exchange.

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