SUPERVERSE: The First Consumer-Oriented Web3 Summit Launches Its DAO Token

SUPERVERSE is on a big mission to intensify the adoption of Web3 by ensuring that the best projects, technologies, founders, and creators have the powers needed to educate the community. Following SUPERVERSE’s first edition in Dubai, which attracted more than 2800 attendees and creators of over 350 million reach, the event summit has been extended into a DAO. 

SUPERVERSE is the starting point to the growing topics on Metaverses, DAOS, Gamify, NFTs, and new transformations shaping how people create, use, identify, and monetize online. Following the release of the first edition, SUPERVERSE  has already brought together industry leaders, such as Clare McKeeve (the Group CEO Talenthouse) and Swan Sit (Forbes nicknamed “Queen of the Clubhouse”). 

SUPERVERSE to Launch on Unit Network

The SUPERVERSE DAO is aimed at creating new pillars that will intensify its adoption. This includes projects acceleration and growing education, and growth of entertainment tools. 

SUPERVERSE is launching this week on the Unit Network, a new decentralized DAO launchpad. The network has built-in infrastructure for tokenization. Unit Network operates the first-layer blockchain, and it uses Substrate framework from Web3 Foundation, Parity Technologies, and Polkadot

Michael Healy said that they are delighted to see SUPERVERSE DAO launch on the Unite Network. He added that  SUPERVERSE is the evolution of the Olympics, Burning Man, and Super Bowl for the ongoing evolution of the Web3 revolution that is about to change the globe and empower billions of people. 

Initially, SUPERVERSE was introduced by blockchain leveraging Martech solution WOM Protocol that is also credited with the previous investments in influencer, creator events, and creator network building on the first SUPERVERSE edition. The state-of-the-art production was done by Cinematic, which packs huge experience in entertainment and celebrity brands like Uber, Porsche, and Rockstar Energy Drink.

Melanie Mohr, the founder and CEO of WOM Protocol, and initiator of SUPERVERSE, said he was pleased to experience the transformation because it mirrors the mindset of WEB3. He added that that makes Unit Network an excellent place for SUPERVERSE DAO because it will bridge other ecosystems, including Ethereum and Polygon.

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