Sustainable Play-to-Earn Models Helping Players Wade through the Ups and Downs of GameFi

In 2021, there was a major rise and fall of GameFi, with top games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox allowing players to earn in gameplay. In addition to playing, people also enjoy true asset ownership, which is verified by the respective blockchain, and earn profit. Although these pioneer games have helped to define the profitability of gaming, there are some people who are wondering whether play-to-earn is simply a marketing strategy. 

As the sustainability of the gaming lingers, GameFi largely relies on progressive flow of outside investment and dedicated fan base to maintain the momentum. These two have proved to be short-term oriented and, at times, harmful to the token ecosystem. This can result in a market downturn with low cash flow and a temporary collapse of the play-to-earn concept.

DeRace Sets Pace for Sustainability, Gets Support from Top Crypto Projects

DeRace, one of the top play-to-earn games on metaverse, aims to address the problem by giving players a new model for generating revenue and a layer-2 solution that uses a native token. It is also scalable to multiple chains. DeRace’s team has made major strides by allowing players to breed horses using original characters and participate in races. It has also won support from major crypto giants, including: 

  • DAO Maker. 
  • Binance NFT. 
  • Polygon (MATIC). 
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 
  • (CRO). 
  • Chainlink (LINK).

Development, Engagement, and Governance 

Unlike other P2E games, the DeRace model uses a 3-step model for the progressive expansion of its ecosystem. The game uses the DeRace2Earn model that brings together creation/development, governance, and engagement as earning chances for players. 

  • Creation uses the Create2Earn model to give gamers a chance to mint their own NFTs.
  • Engage2LEarn, on the other hand, allows players to earn from their NFTs for participating in the ecosystem. 
  • Govern2earn, the last pillar, is aimed at inspiring communities to use the game for rewards. 

When the three pillars are combined, this DeRace model helps to guarantee the expansion of the system. As they roll out each of the three systems, players will continue getting access to in-game rewards before the main launch, which is slated for October 2022. Right away, DeRace is still in its BETA stage. 

DeRace Version Two Setting Out New Targets for GameFi

DeRace has become the pacesetter of GameFi space and is setting its eyes way ahead. Its layer2 cross-chain solution is aimed at innovating both the traditional and GameFi markets

DeRace has laid down the foundation for the development of layer-2 solutions that takes DeRace’s ecosystem way ahead of the competitors. People will be able to use native tokens as gas fee and provide businesses with opportunities to develop projects on it. Also, the ability to link with other blockchains offers a huge opportunity for exposure and scalability. 

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