Tezos Foundation Announces Fund to Collect NFT Creations by Asian and African Artists

Tezos Foundation has announced that it has committed USD 1.23 million to support the collection of NFTs created by Asian and African artists. Misam Harriman, a photographer, has been selected to act as the curator of the collection. 

In Support of New Generation of Artists 

Tezos Foundation, a Swiss non-profit, has indicated it has committed USD 1.23 million to be used on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) coming from Asia and Africa. The work will be curated by Misam Harriman, a revered photographer, and pioneer in NFTs collections. 

According to the Art newspaper report, Mr. Harriman, the current chair of the London complex of artistic venues, will target acquiring artist work from the areas that have been less represented in the NFT community

Commenting on his role, Harriman said: 

“As the first curator of this collection, I want to make sure the world sees the diverse voices that are making truly extraordinary work[s] … The Tezos Foundation Permanent Collection will support and celebrate a new generation of artists that have chosen a smart contract-enabled path to be their true selves.”

Overcoming Barriers in the World of Arts

Although critics have brought forward their concerns about the high volatility of cryptos, blockchain proponents insist that NFTs are going to overcome the barriers in the world of art. Tezos Foundation, which is one of the arms of the Tezos Blockchain, emphasizes that the hurdles cannot stand in the way of NFTs use. 

Recently, Arthur Breitman, an early architect and co-founder of Tezos, emphasized how the collection increases awareness of Web3 artists. He added that the project, in collaboration with the expertise brought on board by Harriman, will help to make Tezos stand out in its effort to support artists who want to share their work in a sustainable way.

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