The DeFi Community is Looking for these Innovations

From more non-custodial liquid staking services to projects focused on privacy, the crypto community has outlined what it wants for the future of decentralised finance (DeFi). 

Although the larger crypto market has been on a downward trend, which has thrown the crypto community with fear and complaint, there are those opting to remain focused on the future of decentralised finance (DeFi). 

Crypto Community Wants More Privacy, Ability to Run ETH Node on Fewer Ethers

One user only going by the term Popular_Rub9075 asked the community members what they would want to see in the decentralised finance space. The Redditor reported that while the negative discussions are indeed prevalent in most social channels, it is an excellent moment to check the projects with high potential. 

One of the respondents, Crumbedsausage, indicated that he wanted to see additional Liquid Ether staking projects which are non-custodial. Furthermore, he said that it would be an excellent thing if users were able to run Ethereum nodes with only 1ETH or less to enhance decentralisation. 

Another user, Geistirnd, indicated that they are of the view that there is huge potential for DeFi projects that target privacy. The Redditor added that more privacy options would allow users to act as catalysts for wider adoption of DeFi. Other users were quick to note the need for more yield-related projects because people want to make more returns. 

In the meantime, Binance Labs has unveiled the plan to launch the 5th iteration of its Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program. This is an incubation platform for supporting new DeFi projects. It will be run in collaboration with the BNB Chain. 

In another related report, Bifrost, a renowned decentralised cross-chain liquidity provider, has unveiled its updated Slot Liquidity Auction Protocol. The project is aimed at helping to provide liquidity derivatives tokens in the exchanges for the stated tokens. 

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