inactive vs active rewards explained

Active & Inactive Rewards explained

As previously announced, we are rolling out some important updates to the way that Rewards are distributed and claimed, starting today. 

These new measures will be implemented to be in the best interest of our token, platform and community, and for the following reasons:

  • Increase number of active contributors amongst membership base
  • Make more members aware of the benefits to be gained via core financial products & services
  • Ensure Rewards are distributed sooner to the most active and supportive stakeholders
In case you missed it, you can read the full update here

Introducing a brand new Rewards Page

You’ll want to know which of your rewards are active, when they’ll release to flexible and which of your friends remembered to claim their daily reward. Well, we have good news. Head to the Web App (and soon mobile apps), and you’ll find a new Rewards page that gives you all this information. 

In this article, we will walk you through how to navigate the new Rewards page when you log in to your hi account. 

Click on Rewards, see what happens!

cut - Landing Page with Pointer

That’s right, from now on, members will be able to see a breakdown of their rewards on anew Rewards page.

The page might feel a bit confusing at the beginning, but don’t worry, this article has you covered.

Here is what the new Rewards page looks like. You can see your Active Rewards, when they’ll release and which Rewards will expire soon. 👉

active rewards

Keep reading to learn about each section of the page. 

Total Rewards & Active Rewards, what’s the difference?

Total Rewards

Total Rewards include HI earned by answering the Daily Question as well as Referral Rewards earned – 50% of all downstream Rewards earned from inviting friends to hi


Active Rewards

Active Rewards refer to the amount out of the Total Rewards that can be unlocked. Active Rewards are earned by members who have passed ID Verification (KYC). 

More on Active Rewards

Upcoming Release

This tab shows members the date of the next release. Rewards unlock on the first day of each month (starting March 1st 2022). Here you can get a clear overview of your upcoming Rewards and see exactly how much will be released to your Vault with your current staking status.

Stake more to release all your Active Rewards

Members can stake the equivalent amount of HI and unlock all active Rewards right away. For example, if you have a total of 500HI active Rewards, and you staked 300HI at the moment, the bar in blue will tell you how much more you will need to stake to get all your active Rewards in the upcoming release.


About expiring Rewards


Rewards that are still locked after 365 days from the start date they were claimed will expire and be officially burned. This section shows how much Active and Inactive Rewards will expire in the upcoming three months.

The numbers are subject to change depending on the staking amount and ID verification status.


Get to know your friends


👈🏻 Click on the icon shown in this section, you will be directed to the Invites Breakdown page.


Here you can see details on friends you invited to hi, including their names, the number of referrals they have and whether they have claimed their rewards on the day of viewing (so that you can remind them 😉).



Hope you found this guide helpful, and are looking forward to your Rewards unlocking much sooner than originally anticipated! 

For a recap on the updates to Rewards and to find answers to the most commonly asked questions, please refer to this article here.

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