The Official hi iOS app is live!

Buying, Sending, Earning & Saving Crypto needn’t be so complicated. So we’ve set out to make the most intuitive App experience possible. From today, if you use an iPhone, you can download the brand new, Official hi App from the App Store. 

Not only will you be able to enjoy Next Gen Digital Banking features, such as Buy, Send, Earn & Save, but we’ve also added some new functions like an Invites view, so that you can see a tally of your friends and how many of them have remembered to Claim their Daily Reward.


Download the Official hi App for IOS today 

👉  Install hi for iOS 

Of course, this is just the beginning! We’ll continue to update and expand the features and functionalities of the App, with Earnings and Membership Tiers just around the corner.

Please do us a solid and leave a Rating and Review 🙏

Enjoy the experience? Then please leave us a Rating and Review in the App Store, it will help other members find our App more easily. And for all you Android-heads out there, don’t worry, we got you, the Android App is in the final stages of development. More on that soon.

Features: What to expect with the Official hi App for iOS

With our easy-to-use App, you can now: 

  • Instantly buy hi Dollars (HI) in over 150+ territories 
  • Send and receive money just by hi nickname   
  • Check your Referrals and Rewards – including how many of your friends have remembered to Claim each day
  • View your Balance, Transaction History and Transaction Details for all your Wallets (Rewards, Earnings, Vault and Flexible) 
  • Generate a CashHash to send money without specifying a recipient 
  • Claim your Daily Reward 
  • Securely and conveniently access your hi account on the go

We would love to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think of our App and what you would like to see in future versions by leaving your comments in the Review section in the App Store or just let us know on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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