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Tony Hawk’s New NFTs to Be Accompanied with Physical Skateboards

In December 2021, Tony Hawk, a revered professional skater, unveiled his “Last Trick” non-fungible token collection in the NFT marketplace Autograph. Now, Hawk is auctioning the skateboards he used during the Last Tricks shows, with each coming with a physical skateboard signed by him.

Tony Hawk to Release a New Collection of Non-fungible Tokens via Autograph

Tony Hawk is planning to issue another NFT collection that is linked to the skateboards that he used in his Last Trick. The Last Trick digital collectibles are sold on the Autograph NFT marketplace, which was launched by Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion. 

Hawk unveiled the latest sale of NFTs on Saturday and indicated that Garry DeBoer was randomly selected to win the Frontside Cab board

According to a Tweet from Autograph, the marketplace congratulated Garry Deboer, indicating that a piece of Tony Hawk history is now his to enjoy forever. The remaining boards will go to auction starting from 19th April 2022. 

In total, there are five skateboards, and the first has already gone to DeBoer. Others include the Finger Flip skateboard, the Gymnast Plant skateboard, and the Magic Dance skateboard. The action will be led by Draftkings Marketplace, and Autographs will send the physical skateboards through UPS, Fedex, or USPS.

Hawk’s NFTs have become very popular on Autograph. One of the top Tony Hawk NFT collectors on the platform is “@laukialovforeve” who has an all-time high score of 188,640.

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