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“Trader Mode” is here! 

Update your hi Mobile App to the latest version now and activate “Trader Mode” to experience advanced trading features. “Trader Mode” is now available for Basic Tier and above members, i.e. staked 100 HI or more. 

Improved Trade Experience

We’ve taken it up a notch to deliver the most intuitive mobile user experience for trading for hi members. This is the first iteration of our exchange experience, so it’s not perfect just yet. But we hope you’ll agree it’s a big step forward.

Here’s what’s new:

Candlestick Charts: Get a comprehensive overview of price fluctuations with daily close, open, high, and low prices. You can also rotate to Landscape Mode for full screen view. 

Open Orders: Set a price range to Buy/Sell your assets with Limit or Market orders. 

History: Track your activities and view your open orders, order history, and trading transactions at a glance with customized filters. 

Watchlist: Build your own watchlist by starring your favorite trading pairs to keep a tab on price movements.

There are 35 trading pairs available in “Trader Mode”. Please look forward to more pairs being enabled soon!



Enable “Trader Mode”

To activate “Trader Mode”, simply go to “Settings” and slide the switch to on. You can turn off “Trader Mode” any time to switch back to the default “Basic Mode.” A simple overview or a more advanced set of tools – It’s your call. 

If you are not a hi Basic member yet, you can still upgrade your membership tier by staking 100 HI to unlock the “Trader Mode” feature. You will be able to use the “Trader Mode” approximately 12 hours after you become a hi Basic member and update the Mobile App.

Head to the hi Mobile App and try it now!

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