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Transparency Report 02.06.2022


Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this report, we are excited to share the latest updates from across the hi ecosystem. 

Market events in the past few weeks have impacted businesses and investors across the blockchain community. We anticipate being at the forefront of a speedy re-bound. Our team remains fully focused on the task at hand, we are feeling more optimistic than ever. 


We resolutely believe that long-term sustainable value will come from building products that millions of people will use for years to come. So while the current market situation is a concern and needs to be monitored closely, our mission of BUIDLing a world-class crypto/fiat exchange and next-gen mobile banking platform is more important than ever.

Since the last report, we have:

Re-designed the app experience with a new design system

• Added a new navigation system to move between Earn, Trade, Card & Wallet

• Introduced seamless deposit support for USD, HKD, EUR & GBP

• Added a Trade page, with asset details and descriptions

• Added a Wallet page for simple overview of asset and product holdings

• Redesigned the navigation experience via a new SideMenu

Our number one focus at this stage is on leapfrogging competitors, to deliver the most intuitive and feature rich app experience for our members.

Debit Cards

We aim to have the leading Debit Card and Rewards program in the market. It requires significant resources to deliver cards at the volume we require, not only from a technical and regulatory perspective, but also in terms of manufacturing, production and marketing.

We are working to deliver our cards to as many members, in as many markets, as soon as possible. Here’s what cardholders can expect (please note things are subject to change):

• Up to 10% rewards on spending

• Choose from +100 lifestyle subscriptions

• Virtual and physical cards 

• Precious metal cards and customization available

• Hotel and travel benefits

• Awesome merch and whitelist access

• … and much more to come

The great news is that very soon (weeks not months), eligible hi members will be able to activate and access their Debit Card via the hi app. 


We launched a global campaign for Deposit Bonuses for ETH and USDT, with adverts running on Reddit and many popular cryptocurrency websites. We are excited to see a high volume of members new and old participating in this campaign.

We trended on Twitter for Bitcoin Pizza Day in Brazil and Argentina, where crypto influencers promoted our platform and gave free pizza to eligible participants, we were featured in the 5 of the largest crypto publications in Brazil, including CoinTelegraph.

We are in the process of expanding our Benefits program, with Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, Uber Eats and +100 other lifestyle subscriptions being added to the program (subject to change). Members will be able to redeem and activate new benefits starting soon.

We set up the technical and software infrastructure to deliver valuable push notifications and email marketing campaigns to members.

We hosted a number of AMAs, including with other blockchain communities to help build awareness, share knowledge and grow our own community.

We now have 3,410,671 members of whom approximately 800,000 have completed identity verification. We are excited to see that a significant number of users, recently elevated their status to HI member by staking at least 100 HI to achieve membership status.


We were excited to welcome a number of new members from Bitmart to join the hi family, as we listed our token HI on Bitmart Exchange. This means HI is now listed on Bitfinex, Bitmart, as well as PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

The size of the liquidity pools on continues to go from strength-to-strength, with approximately 4.7m HI staked in the Mega Pool, and approximately 6.3m HI staked in the GIGA Pools combined. 

What is more, we have just burned the first tokens coming from the expiry of inactive rewards. 12,560,056 HI have been burned in total. 6,280,028 HI on the BSC network and 6,280,028 on the Ethereum blockchain. This can be verified on the respective block explorers by checking the null address. 

In line with our allocation policy as outlined in the Whitepaper, a further 47,462,390 HI has been minted. One half of it has been minted as ERC-20 token and the other half as BEP-20 token. 

The total token supply of HI currently stands at 9,275,888,732 HI.

The circulating supply of HI, currently stands at 503,699,435.72 HI.

Member Support

We continue to improve the service and support offering for our members, we now have 23 full-time member support officers covering 14 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, Italian, Malay, Indonesian Bahasa, Russian, Estonian, Taiwan Hokkien and Serbian).

In the period since our last transparency report, we have successfully processed the KYC applications of just under 15,000 members and responded to 7,000 new inbound requests via live chat and email. We received just 200 requests for account closures.

Which leaves us just to say thank you. Thank you for your ongoing support, our community means everything to us. As ever, please share your feedback and questions with us via your preferred channel.

Until the next time,

The hi team

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