Transparency Report

Transparency Report 22.04.2022


Welcome to the first edition of the new, comprehensive hi transparency report. Our goal with this report – which we intend to publish monthly – is to provide hi investors and members with an open window into the progress of our products, services, and ecosystem as laid out in the hi Whitepaper 2.0. This edition will outline developments for the first quarter of 2022. As always, we welcome your feedback, questions, and ideas. 

Our Product - the hi Super App

Watch the new hi Super App video here!

Throughout the first quarter, our focus has been on building out a market-leading super app for crypto exchange and mobile banking services. In recent months we have implemented the following new features to the hi app: 


Deposit US dollars via bank transfer 

• New tokens supported for deposit, buy, withdraw & convert

Staked LP HI now count towards Membership Tier

Rewards are unlocked earlier

Best friends bonus

Improved security with 2FA 

Buy HI with Credit Card 

In just a few weeks time, members will be able to enjoy a fully re-designed app experience on both iOS and Android, and we are currently working on implementing the following new features:

 • Fiat Deposit in Flexible

Fiat withdraw

Buy BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC with credit card

hi Debit Cards

• hi Pay – Merchant Payment Gateway

Clear and transparent rewards transaction history

Technical security audit (PCI)

Up to 10 x new games to be added to hi Play

Marketing & Growth

We are excited to unveil a new brand and visual identity for hi. This will be rolled out across all channels over the coming weeks, and can already be experienced via the new website.

Our new app is in consideration for prestigious awards including Forbes FinTech 50, Fast Company and the Red Herring Top 100 Awards.

The word about hi continues to spread globally, with recent features in Forbes, The CoinTelegraph amongst many others.

Our global influencer program continues to gather momentum with thousands of influencers now producing video content for hi in over 50 markets. Over the coming weeks, we will be launching campaigns in key target markets across LATAM, Asia and Europe.

We’ve seen our member base grow from 0 to 3.4 million in the space of 11 months. Over 770,000 members have already verified their identities, while over 710,000 members have referred at least one or more friends.

In Q1 we also launched a new Liquidity Rewards website, offering members initial rewards of up to 9,000% APY for LP tokens via either the HI/USDC UniSwap pool, or the HI/BUSD Pancakeswap pool.

Liquidity Rewards Website

GIGA Pool Video Contest

As our exchange functionalities are rolled out in the app and to incentivize new deposits, we are launching Switch Bonuses of up to 40% for members who Switch their USDT or ETH from other platforms to HI.

To support our global expansion we have recently onboarded new marketing and PR partner agencies in LATAM, CIS and Europe. We are also currently reviewing all our community moderation and support.


As we look to rapidly expand hi’s sphere of influence by connecting with partners, investors and collaborators around the world, we have recently announced the following strategic partnerships:

Launch of our token HI on Bitfinex, one of the leading digital asset exchanges.

Partnership with Contis, Europe’s leading BaaS organization, to provide Debit Cards and IBAN accounts to hi members starting later in 2022.

Partnership with Blinkist, the #1 bite-sized content subscription service app.

Furthermore, we are now accepting the first applications from retail and service businesses to be among the first to on-board to our merchant payments network hi Pay.

With the world opening back up, members of our leadership team are attending events including Binance Blockchain Week, Paris Blockchain Week, amongst others. We also recently attended a roundtable hosted by our Investors at Hashkey and executives from Huobi.

In the final week of April we will host the next AMA with hi’s Co-Founder Sean Rach. Please follow @seanrach on Twitter for updates. To catch up on previous AMAs, please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Member Support

As we scale, we are committed to building a world-class support capability for members. We have recently implemented new technologies, including a new Help Center as well as adding Live Chat across channels.

We now have a total of 21 Member Support Officers (MSO) providing 24/7 coverage across timezones.

In Q1, in total we received approximately 37,000 tickets from our members through Live Chat and email.

We are delighted that 254,568 members successfully completed Identity Verification in Q1.

Approximately 24,000 members’ accounts were closed due to Identity Verification rejection. The most common reasons for rejection were:

    – Age

    – Fraudulent identification documents

    – Attempts to create duplicate/multiple accounts using family members IDs. 

The continued improvement of our Member Support services is an absolute priority.


We are proud to have one of the most talented, hardworking and passionate teams the world has to offer. Our 120+ people are located in 19 countries and regions. Head to these pages to learn more about our Story and Team, including the recent announcement of our new Chief Technology Officer, Alec Erasmus.

HI supply

The total token supply of HI is 9,193,524,008 HI. The circulating supply of HI currently stands at 503,699,436 HI. HI is a BEP-20 and an ERC-20 token and the wallet addresses below are identical on both networks. The total supply of HI will at all times be the combined supply of HI on BSC and HI on Ethereum.

We thank you for reading the April edition of the hi Transparency Report. We welcome any questions and feedback via our Telegram communities or any other channels.


Let’s get hi Together!

Sean and the hi Team

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