Transparency Report

Transparency Report

Here's how the numbers add up

This is the first hi transparency report, giving hi stakeholders an overview of the key numbers relating to our token and community. The report will be published on our website on a fortnightly basis moving forward. Thank you for reading.

As of January 20th, 2022, hi has a total of 3.08 million members hailing from 187 countries. Of these members, 626 thousand have completed identity verification (KYC). Since our initial beta launch in May 2021, as part of our “Launch Incentives & Distribution” plan, 2,496,681,450 HI has been issued to members. As such, in line with our allocation policy as outlined in the Whitepaper, a further 6,682,294,469 HI has been minted for the following purposes:

There has not been any activity associated with HI allocated to the wallets above, with the exception of 11,000,000 HI and 13,030,470 HI from the Network Long-Term Incentives allocation. These tokens have been used for our LP and hi staking bonuses respectively.

HI is a BEP-20 and an ERC-20 token. 50% of the total token supply of HI will at any time exist on the BSC network and the other 50% on the ERC network. The same is true for the max supply.

The wallet addresses above are identical on both networks, with the total token supply being the sum of the total token supply on the BSC and the ERC networks.
The total token supply of HI currently stands at 9,178,975,920 HI.
The circulating supply of HI, currently stands at 303,699,434 HI.
This is inclusive of tokens in:
  • Flexible Account 
  • Earnings Account 
  • Withdrawn Wallets 
  • Liquidity Pools 
  • LP Staking Bonuses
  • All Circulating HI on Secondary Markets

Thank you for reading. We will publish a new Transparency report every two weeks. Keep an eye out for new articles on our blog to stay up-to-date with our numbers!

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