Ukraine has Raised More than USD100K from Cryptopunk NFT Sale

The government of Ukraine has announced that it has sold a cryptopunk non-fungible token that was donated in support of the country a few months ago. The token was bought by an unidentified buyer who used over USD100,000 for collectibles, the ministry of digital transformation in Ukraine said. 

Donated Cryptopunk Token Sold by Ukraine Government for 90 ETH

The authorities in Ukraine managed to raise USD100K after selling a Crptopunk non-fungible token, the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov and his deputy, Alexander Bornyakov, announced on Twitter. 

Cryptopunk #5364 NFT was donated to the country as a part of the crypto fundraising campaign in March. Back then, Bornyakov indicated that the token was worth 56 ETH, but the value of Ethereum was way higher compared to today because of the strong bear market. 

Since February, when Ukraine was invaded by its larger neighbour, Russia, volunteer organisations have been increasing their crypto donations, which include NFTs. Already, the country has collected millions of dollars to help fund its humanitarian and defence efforts.  

The global crypto community is continuing with its support for Ukraine even as the war shows no sign of abating. When announcing the sale of Cryptopunk #5364 NFT, Bornyakov was thankful for the support that the country got. “Just wanted to thank the crypto community for such generous donations,” Mykhailo Fedorov, who also serves as Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister, tweeted. 

Cryptopunks is a collection of NFTs issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was launched in 2017 when it offered the pioneer crypto collectibles. The country has also issued other non-fungible tokens in the past, such as the NFT of the Ukrainian flag, which was sold for USD6.7 million in ETH in March. 

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