Update | 1-Year HI Purchases

Starting soon, approximately with App Version 2.4.4, members will no longer be able to purchase our native token HI at the special 1-Year Daily Release price in the App.

Currently, if you wish to buy HI

You can currently buy our native token HI in the following ways:

1. Buy it in the hi App:

  • At Market Price
  • At a special 1-Year Daily Release Price

  1. Trade it on 3rd party Exchanges or AMMs, such as:
  • MEXC, Bitfinex, Bitmart, Pancakeswap, Uniswap

For your understanding, the sale of our token in the App has been utilised to attract and reward early-adopters, and has enabled us to grow and stabilise our business while we build out our platform and ecosystem services.

Moving forward, if you wish to buy HI

Please note that starting soon, if you wish to buy HI, you will be able to:

1. Buy it in the hi App:

  • At Market Price – with 365 day Auto-Earn Terms
    (Meaning that the HI you buy will be staked for 365 days and you will earn APY on it, paid out in HI daily)
  1. Trade it on 3rd party Exchanges or AMMs

… Meaning that, the 1-Year Daily Release price option will be removed, and the Market Price option will now come with 365 Day, Daily Payout Auto-Earn terms.

We believe that these changes will have the combined effect of driving increased volumes and liquidity through the open market, whilst also providing members with a simple and incentivised way to buy hi in the App. 

These updates will remain under review and are subject to change over time.

Thank you.




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