Update your App to v2.11.0

In this latest update, we’ve launched: 

  • Sign in/up via Email
  • Travel Rule implementation for EEA & UK members and IBAN account holders
  • Update Nickname to a protected / premium domain name directly via the hi App

and overall bug fixes and experience improvements. Update your App now! 

Sign In / Sign Up Via Email

We’ve added an option for new and existing users to log in using their email credentials. 

Travel Rule

In case you’re not familiar with the Travel Rule, check out our handy little guide here.

As a responsible and compliant exchange, we are expanding the regulation of the Travel Rule already in place at hi since July 2022, in accordance with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) specified guidelines. 

How will this affect me?

All hi users in the EEA/UK markets as well as IBAN account holders are now subject to the Travel Rule.

Outgoing digital token withdrawals
  • For withdrawals to another beneficiary, you’ll need to provide details including the beneficiary name and the platform to receive funds. 
  • If you’re sending funds to your other wallet instead of another beneficiary, the withdrawal process remains the same as before. No extra information is required. 

hi’s approach to implementing the Travel Rule will ultimately ensure that all incoming and outgoing transfers are compliant. For outgoing transactions to private wallets, hi will work with you to verify that they are owned and controlled by you.

Update Nickname to a premium domain

If you’ve recently or ever purchased a Web3 Domain, you’d probably want to flex it in your digital life! 

Good news in that you can now update your hi nickname to corresponding premium nickname that you’ve purchased via Unstoppable Domains, directly via the hi App! Previously, members needed to reach out to a member of our MSO team but starting from App v2.11.0, this can now be done directly via the hi App. 

Here’s how you can change your nickname: 

Join our hI-FLYERS group on Telegram to participate in the conversation.  

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