App Update

Update Your App to v2.4.6

It’s time to update your App version! And this one’s a good one. Here’s everything you need to know about version 2.4.6.

New Features & Updates

Update Your App Now to Enjoy:

  • New Feature! Referral Spend Rewards (Cashback on Cashback) – read more
  • New Feature! Trading Referral Bonus – read more
  • Non-eligible merchants removed from Card Spend Rewards
  • Add KYC steps to IBAN activation process
  • Auto-activation of IBAN for card-holding EEA/UK members
  • New functionality to Banners on App Home
  • Improvements to .hi domain claim process
  • Fix staking for membership tier issue

… As well as many other improvements and bug fixes

We hope you enjoy these enhancements – and there’s lots more to look forward to – not least improvements to the Digital Subscription experience, the NFT customization flow and much more. 

Help us Improve Faster

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