Vaneck to Release Community NFT Project with 1,000 NFTs Ready for Airdropping this Week

This week, Vaneck, a global asset management company with a portfolio of USD 85.5 billion in assets, is unveiling 1,000 NFTs, which are designed like membership cards.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by Vaneck Unveiled

Vaneck, an international asset management company, running about USD 85.5 billion in assets, announced that it is ready to release the Vaneck Community NFT. The firm indicated that it is a unique way for investors to join the growing Vaneck crypto community

The announcement read: 

“This initiative involves the release of 1,000 Vaneck NFTs and is designed to showcase the real-world utility inherent in the NFT structure.”

Vaneck pointed out that the tokens will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will fall into three main categories: 

  • Legendary tokens (about 20). 
  • Rare (about 230). 
  • Commons (750).

Vaneck Community NFTs are designed in partnership with NUMOMO, a South Korean-based NFT agency. Mathew Bartlett, the Vaneck Community NFT co-founder, said that the tokens would be released via an airdrop to the first 1000 persons to sign up. 

The primary goal of the initiative is to pool together like-minded investors who are interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The secondary goal is to educate Vaneck’s clients about the crypto space and provide them with an actual utility. Vaneck has indicated that the NFTs will not be listed on the NFT marketplace

Because Vaneck will be airdropped to people who sign up, Barlett indicates that the company will not be making a profit from their distribution or asking for a creator fee.  

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