hi Dollars, Explained


  • hi Dollars are your access key to the world of hi, and allows you to gain several benefits
  • The more hi Dollars you hold, the higher your membership tier and the better your benefits
  • hi Dollars are minted daily based on the size of hi’s membership base, and unlock over 4 years.
  • hi Dollars have several use cases:
    • Earn yield of up to 40% APY
    • Send money across chat platforms, free and instantly
    • Exchange whenever, whatever with no fees or markups 
    • Get Access to lifestyle benefits and digital subscriptions
  • Members can earn or buy hi Dollars. Earn by interacting with hi daily – for example by answering a daily question, or by referring your friends.

What are hi Dollars?

hi Dollars (HI) are the hi.com cryptocurrency and will allow unbanked and under-banked individuals globally to buy, hold and sell fiat and cryptocurrencies with nothing more than a mobile phone.

Everyone who participates in the activity of hi’s ecosystem, using and accruing tokens in the process, is effectively an “owner” of the ecosystem.

Holding hi Dollars powers your membership to hi, giving you free access to lifestyle benefits and a wide range of services.

As you continue to hold more hi Dollars, your membership tier gets upgraded with more benefits.


What benefits does hi give?

hi offers traditional banking services such as fee-less money conversion and an interest-bearing account, as well as lifestyle benefits and free digital subscriptions to a range of top services including Apple Music, Netflix, The New York Times and more.

Based on your membership tier, you are entitled to greater rewards, feeless transfers, and higher returns on your savings.

What are hi Dollars worth and how do I use them? 

The latest HI price can be viewed at our website or on CoinMarketCap 

The token was launched at a price of 0.01 USD as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with future plans to migrate to hi’s own chain.

hi Dollars will allow members to access digital subscriptions, with exchange and crypto services including buy, sell and exchange coming soon. All future services can be found in our whitepaper. 

Prices and announcements can be found on hi.com and hi social media channels. 

Visit hi Twitter here: https://twitter.com/hi_com_official

How do I get hi Dollars?

There are three ways to get hi Dollars –

  1. Earn through daily rewards by answering the question of the day
  2. Earn through referral rewards – As you continue to “Invite Friends”, the network grows bigger and rewards you with more hi Dollars for every friend you invite.
  3. Purchase hi Dollars directly from us at web.hi.com OR on the world’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX), UniSwap.
MethodDaily Rewards + Referral RewardsPurchase hi Dollars by going to get.hi.com
WalletRewards WalletSavings wallet, then Flexible
Lock period1 yearImmediate, 1 or 4 years
Membership tierDo not countCount
Interest earned?NoYes, added to your Flexible account

Where will my hi Dollars be stored?

Earned hi Dollars will be stored in your Rewards Account and do not accrue interest. Rewards are released after a year and will last until the entire “Launch Incentives and Distribution” pool is exhausted.

Purchased hi Dollars at market price will immediately be added to your Flexible. hi Dollars purchased with either 1 or 4 year release options will be stored in your Vault with daily proportional release over the period selected. All information for token sale terms and conditions can be found on our website.

These hi Dollars count towards your membership tier and you can earn interest on this amount, which will be added to your Flexible Wallet. Upon unlock, purchased hi Dollars will move to your Flexible Wallet which members can then use to send, withdraw, convert or earn yield by staking.

When can I use my hi Dollars?

Purchased and Rewarded hi Dollars will be unlocked daily for up to 4 years and each day’s rewards are unlocked after 365 days.



Remember that KYC needs to be completed in order for release after 1 year.

The hi Dollar is resellable in case you decide to end your membership.


Behind the scenes

The hi Dollars minted will be based on the membership base, the new members and rewards earned daily. Our “Launch Incentives & Distribution” phase will see hi Dollars being minted daily and distributed to as wide a global population as possible over 4 years. hi Dollars are minted every 24 hours and distributed to members due to either reward or purchase. (Whitepaper)

In addition, 2.67 more will be minted to support the other areas. For every hi Dollar that is minted for “Launch Incentives & Distribution”, an additional 2.67 HI will also be minted and allocated to the following functions. The “Launch Incentives & Distribution” phase will end after 4 years. (WP)

We will provide a daily update on the number of hi Dollars in circulation.

Future plan for hi Dollars

All coming hi plans can be found on our roadmap here

Please look forward to virtual debit cards, exchange listings, money market services, and more

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