What to do with hi Dollars in Flexible?

Here's your quick guide to making more money on your hi Dollars

Option 1 - Earnings

The easy one, get up to 40% APY

Deposit your hi Dollars in Earnings and get a yield of up to 40% APY, plus extra Boosts depending on your Membership Tier.

This is a low risk option and gives you high returns no matter the term length you choose (90 0r 365 Days for hi Dollars). 

See this example, where:

hi Silver member

Deposits 1000 HI
Est. 40% APY
+ 8% Earnings Boost
For a 365 Day Term

= 479.99 HI return!


Option 2 - Liquidity Provider Rewards

More advanced, but get a share of a 1 Million hi Dollar pool with up to 700% APY

Become a Liquidity Provider on PancakeSwap and then deposit your LP tokens on stake.hi.com and get a share of them in the 1 Million Rewards Program and get up to 700% APY.

This one requires a bit more work – but it will be worth it! This tutorial will have you set up in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1
Go to PancakeSwap and provide liquidity on the HI/BUSD pair.

Step 2
Stake your Liquidity Provider tokens of HI/BUSD on stake.hi.com

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