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Who is the Mysterious Bitcoin Creator

Over the last slightly more than a decade, many people have come out claiming to be the Bitcoin inventors, but none has managed to prove that to the crypto community. In 2019, Bilal Khalid from Pakistan claimed that he was the one who invented it. Although Khalid gave no proof, the agency that released his claims has recently published a book referred to as “Finding Satoshi: The Real Story behind Mysterious Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Ivy Mclemore & Associates Publishes a New Book, “Finding Satoshi.”

About three years ago, Bilal Khalid, also known as James Caan, from Pakistan and Ivy McLemore & Associates were introduced to the crypto community. At that time, Khalid released a three-page blog post called “My Reveal” on the portal. 

In part one, Khalid claimed that he had “unknown facts about the creation of Bitcoin,” and its developments that led to his departure. The revelation was bolstered by the PR agency Ivy McLemore & Associates, which tweeted the info and contacted news teams with the additional details. 

In the second part, Khalid, who claimed that he invented Bitcoin, shared details about the Chaldean numerology that influenced his decision. Also, he revealed the alleged BTC that were mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, claiming to “reveal all facts related to my 980,000 Bitcoins.” 

In the last part, he revealed his true identity and explained that all the coins that he mined after creating Bitcoin were in one computer, a Fujitsu laptop designed with military-grade encryption. 

In one evening, the alleged Bitcoin inventor said that his laptop showed a blank screen and turned it in for repair. He never thought it was a hard-drive issue. He gave strict instructions that the repair expert should not touch the hard drive. After examination, the repair expert said the hardware was totally dead.

After the press release, the tweets released by Ivy McLemore & Associates were the last until 1st June 2022. Ivy McLemore, the founder of the agency, has published a new book known as “Finding Satoshi: The Real Story behind the Mysterious Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto.” 

The Book Provides 42 Points for Readers to Ponder on Finding Satoshi

The description of the book indicates that readers will get to learn why Satoshi disappeared through dates, names and other milestones. His ethnic background and residence are also revealed. The book also reveals why Nakamoto never informed his wife until eight years later, and the reasons his USD68 billion coins are still locked. 

Ivy McLemore’s story indicates that Nakamoto is invaluable to society because of the specialized knowledge he could share with future generations.”  He adds that “Regardless of what you believe about Satoshi’s real-life identity, Finding Satoshi gives readers 42 specific points to ponder.”

Many people claiming to be Nakamoto have emerged over the years. Individuals like Debo Jurgen, Jorg Molt, Phil Wilson “Scronty,” and Hawaiian Nakamoto have all come forth claiming to be the Bitcoin inventor. Jorg was arrested recently for crypto fraud, while others continued tweeting about BTC origin. However, no one has heard from the Hawaiian Nakamoto

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