Why more and more people join the hi community

hi continues to grow and strengthen its user base with crypto investors, partners, members, traders, and even non-crypto users by the hour. The public acceptance and impressive growth record in such a short time have left many puzzled as to why people are joining the hi train in droves. 

For most people looking at new investment grounds in crypto, the initial and age-long goal is profit – how much they can make and how fast they can make it. There are other determinants of investment choice; user experience, ease-of-use, popular user feedback, APYs, and incentives.

Now, the hi project is eleven out of ten on this scoreboard. With roof-breaking products and utilities, hi has provided useful solutions to many problems plaguing the blockchain. Little wonder as to why the project is garnering an organic following.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular hi features.

Simple Registration Process

This feature is the secret recipe! To sign up on hi, you do not need to install and download an external app. You can easily register on your Telegram, WhatsApp, iOS and Android app. Yes, it is that simple, and guess what? You can receive 1 hi Dollar daily for completing a two-second task.

Fast and Free Transactions

The most famous transaction hassle is gas fees and hi is the first blockchain project to create a permanent solution to this. As well as having a non-custodial wallet, hi allows the exchange of fiat or crypto at no fees or markups. Transactions are swift, seamless, and as simple as saying ‘hi’ on social media. You can also trade and hold top cryptocurrencies supported on the platform.

Various Earning Mechanisms

There is more than one way to earn on hi. You can earn up to 40% APY when you hold or stake your hi Dollars and other crypto tokens. You can also get free hi Dollars by referring friends to join the community. Also, you would be rewarded with hi Dollars on completion of daily tasks on your preferred social messaging platform.

Utility Token

hi is leveraging its organic userbase and building a strong digital finance ecosystem where its native token, the hi Dollars will be the membership token and driving force currency. Members of hi Ecosystem will be stakeholders to the functional and economical benefits attached to their tiered positions. 

hi Dollars can be purchased directly on our website with BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC, or via credit card. Completion of KYC is compulsory before members can buy hi Dollars.

Members will have the option to purchase $HI with a one to four-year unlock period. All information about hi Dollars, as well as our Token Sale Terms and Conditions, can be found on our website.

Onchain Key Recovery

Not a lot of events can be as heart-wrenching as losing access to your crypto wallet by forgetting your seed phrase. Quite frankly, it hurts. 

hi is building a recovery system on the hi Protocol for the regeneration of private keys without seed phrases or centralization.

O. Jasmine-Jade
O. Jasmine-Jade

Jasmine-Jade is an exceptional copywriter, editor and financial content contributor on a mission to make blockchain and investing as simple as ABCs. She has contributed to your favorite crypto blogs and communities including FTX and she is currently writing super articles at hi.com

This article does not constitute any investment advice or financial advice, on the merits of purchasing hi Dollars nor should it be relied upon in connection with purchasing decisions.

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