Staked LP HI now count towards Membership Tier

Upgrade your Membership Tier now by Providing Liquidity!

Good news for all Liquidity providers and those who have been thinking about trying it  – you can now connect your non-custodial wallet, like MetaMask, to your hi account. 

Connecting your wallet only takes you a few seconds:

1) Go to the Membership page on (The one with the crown)

2) Click on “Connect Wallet” at the top right of the page

3) Pick your Wallet

4) Log into your Wallet

5) Click on “Connect” and then “Sign”, to connect it to your hi account

6) Go back to the Web App and verify ownership of your Wallet

7) Done! Your Wallet and hi are now connected, and your LP tokens are being counted towards your Membership Tier!

Your Membership Tier and Liquidity

Your Membership tier is based on the amount of HI you have staked – either in your Vault or in Earn. Providing Liquidity on either PancakeSwap or Uniswap and then staking your LP tokens on not only lets you earn Sky High APY – it also counts towards your Membership tier and the associated Membership Benefits.

And speaking about Membership Benefits, there will be exciting news very soon…

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