Fly high and Win HI!

We are excited to announce the launch of the first hi Blockchain Game on mobile – hi-Flyers. hi members can challenge friends to launch and propel the rocket as high as it will go, and win real hi Dollars along the way. 

Why launch a game?
Does our single-minded focus remain on building the future of Money, Identity and the Internet on the world’s best Blockchain? Absolutely.

But…..there was no good reason not to launch a game. We believe Next Gen companies should develop Next Gen experiences….and more importantly, that financial services needn’t be boring. We know many hi members play mobile games, so we thought why not create our own?

We view hi-Flyers as a dynamic, fun way for members to engage with the hi platform, and we are working fast to evolve this game as well as many more. We look forward to feedback from the hi community on how we can build better, bigger game experiences moving forward.

Here’s how to get started

Warning: hi-Flyers is ADDICTIVE.

To access the game, you’ll simply need to select ‘hi Game’ from the Menu in the hi Telegram or WhatsApp bot, and off you go!

Set in outer space, it costs 1 HI to play per attempt and the challenge is to fly as high as possible and collect as many points as you can.

In order to participate, a member needs to have enough hi Dollars in their Flexible. In the future, members may also be able to play with hi Dollars from their Rewards. Stay tuned!

You must have completed KYC if you want to play hi-Flyers. If you haven’t done this yet, log in to the Web App and get it done. It’s important.

How to win

A new tournament starts every hour. To participate, a member pays 1 hi Dollar. 1 hi Dollar will be charged for each new attempt.

Of all hi Dollars that members pay to participate in a tournament, 50% go into the Prize Pool and the other 50% are officially burned.


  1. First: 20% of total HI in the pool for this tournament.
  2. Second: 10%
  3. Third: 5%
  4. Fourth: 3%
  5. Fifth: 2%
  6. Sixth to fifteenth: 1% per person, 10% in total

The top 25% ranked players equally split the remaining 50% of the Prize Pool.

There need to be at least 15 players in a tournament for a prize pool to be established, otherwise the hi Dollars that would have been used in this prize pool go into the next hour’s tournament.

Full Rules: 

Good luck!

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