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We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Unstoppable Domains – the leading provider of Web3 domains – to deliver  comprehensive digital identities through Web3 domains with a .hi suffix, as well as to provide the Unstoppable community with NFT customisable Debit Mastercards.

It’s Your Name. Own It.

Here’s your chance to turn your hi nickname into a Web3 identity.

Through our partnership with Unstoppable Domains, hi members can now claim their .hi domain for free! 

For example, if you have the hi nickname ‘sam’, you will be able to claim the sam.hi domain. Once claimed, you own that domain for life (unless transferred) and the holder of that domain address is entitled to the corresponding nickname on the hi platform.

The .hi domain will act as a simple, unified identity for Web3 and can be used to manage payments, send crypto, log in seamlessly to hundreds of Web3 apps, games and metaverses, and much more. Unstoppable and hi’s integration enables hi members to use their hi domain name to:

  • Display your Web3 domain name in the hi App
  • Send and receive assets in the hi app or from your crypto wallet-of-choice.
  • Replace wallet addresses with your easy to remember domain 
  • Integrate multiple wallet addresses into one simple and secure domain 
  • Connect your PFP and social handles to your domain

Important to Note….Before Claiming Your Domain

Here’s how you claim your hi nickname as a .hi domain:

> Open the hi App
> Go to the Main Menu
> Select ‘Claim Web3 Identity’ and follow the flow

  • Please note, once you have claimed your nickname as a free .hi domain, you won’t be able to change your hi nickname. (So change your nickname before claiming your domain).
  • If you would like to change your nickname, here’s how
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase a protected or premium nickname which you’ll then own for life – more about this soon!

Bridging the Gap: Web2 and Web3


Not Just A Nickname... A Super-Powered Web3 Identity

Claim Your Free Unstoppable NFT

To celebrate the partnership with Unstoppable Domains, we have launched a collaboration to enable the Unstopapble community customize a hi NFT Debit Mastercard with an Unstoppable NFT. 


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