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Introducing Flexible Earn

Listen up! If you hold any $ETH or $USDT, you’re going to want to transfer it over to hi. 

Starting 21 December, holders can access up to a 11% in-kind yield on their tokens, just for holding with hi.

‘In-kind’ meaning you get ETH or USDT back. 

And the best bit? No fees and no lock-ups. 

Yes that’s right! Carry on reading to learn more…

Here's how Flexible Earn works

Transfer your Crypto to hi and you could be earning in minutes.

Earn up to 11% APY in-kind on USDT  (meaning yield paid out in USDT)

Earn up to 5.5% APY in-kind on ETH (meaning yield paid out in ETH)

With no lockup and no fees, there really is no reason to wait! 

Let’s check out some competitors’ rates for the sake of comparison….


Note: Applies to holdings of 0.1 ETH or 50 USDT or higher

Say hi to #FundsFriday 👋🏼 💰

So how exactly does it work? Well, we want to make sure you have a little something, something extra to head into the weekend with.

Step 1
Deposit ETH and USDT into your hi Flexible. 

Step 2
Sit back and watch the funds roll in. You’ll get paid out every Friday, in the same currency you deposited (ETH or USDT).

Keep an eye on your transaction history for the pay out, in the near future we’ll add notifications.

What's more get a 10% bonus when friends buy HI

Here’s how the Best Friends Bonus works:

1. Your Direct Invite buys hi Dollars with 4-Year Daily Release
~ You get a 10% bonus paid in HI

2. Your Direct Invite buys hi Dollars with 1-Year Daily Release
~ You get a 5% bonus paid in HI

All bonuses are paid out automatically in HI to your Vault account, under the same Daily Release Terms as your friend’s purchase. 

Read more about Best Friends Bonus here.

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