ETH & USDT Deposit Campaign Closing

Thank you to all members who have participated in the bonus campaign for USDT & ETH. The campaign has been successful in attracting new investors to the hi platform, not least thanks to the attractive bonus of up to 40% in HI. 

The time has now come to bid farewell to this campaign as we prepare for the launch of our Debit Mastercard.

As of Thursday 10th November 2022 at 2359 GMT we will no longer accept deposits for ETH and USDT as part of this campaign.

If you participated already...

… A few important things to bear in mind, to ensure your bonus pays out on time.

Please remember that under the terms of the campaign, your ETH / USDT deposit in Flexible must be maintained for 90 days in order for your bonus to release from Vault to Flexible.

We conduct frequent reviews of accounts and you risk forfeiting your bonus if your Flexible balance reduces. 

During a recent review of accounts, it came to our attention that some bonuses had begun releasing too early. The release dates for those members will be updated to reflect the actual +90 day date.

Please see the full Terms here. 

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