Updates to Card Benefits

In yesterday’s AMA we shared some proposed changes to a number of benefits related to our card program. Whilst we proposed these changes in good faith, the response from the community has encouraged us to reassess our approach.

Specifically, it is our understanding that the proposed reduction in Card Spend Rewards was not received positively by the community.

Having consulted members of the community on Telegram via discussion and a number of polls, we have arrived at a solution that we believe not only honours the faith shown by early investors, but also plots a clear pathway for the sustainable growth of the hi platform and token. 

We thank everyone who provided valuable feedback.

Regarding Card Spend Rewards, members from the EEA/UK who joined the card waitlist or activated their card before December 31st 2022, 2359 GMT will enjoy Card Spend Rewards at (Basic 1%, Black 3%, Silver 5%, Gold 8%, Platinum 9%, Diamond 10%) for at least 12 months from December 31st 2022, 2359 GMT.

Our Apps, Website & Help Centre will be updated to reflect the Benefits shown in the table below as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience whilst we make those updates.

Overview of Card Benefits


The hi Debit Card is launched by hi Technologies Limited UAB independently and there is no partnership between hi Technologies Limited UAB and the merchants in this offer. hi Technologies Limited UAB has the sole discretion to modify this offer, as well as member benefits, member tiers and/or any welcome offers at any time. 

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